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Technical Site Optimization

  • Screaming Frog Technical Audit
  • Google Search Console Performance Audit
  • Google Search Console Coverage and Usability Audit
  • Keyword Cannibalization Identification
  • Page Quality Rater Guideline Audit
  • Complete Site Health Guideline Report
  • Action Item List for Implementation
The primary factor hindering a site from achieving top rankings often stems from overlooked technical or site quality issues.
technical onpage optimization

Elevate Your Website’s SEO with our 30-Point Technical Audit and Action Plan.

Achieve Higher Rankings for Increased Website Traffic, Clicks, and Lead Generation.

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Find Hidden Keyword Cannibalization

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Page Quality Rater Guideline Audit

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Technical Audit Workbook

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Is Technical SEO Important?

Absolutely! Technical SEO plays a crucial role in the overall SEO process. If there are technical issues present, there’s a high likelihood that your SEO efforts won’t yield the desired results. Therefore, it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of technical SEO and how to execute it effectively.
Despite advancements in search engine technology, there are still limitations in indexing, crawling, and understanding information.
A well-structured website is built upon a solid foundation of technical SEO.
Technical SEO serves as the cornerstone of your website’s success. Without a sturdy foundation, everything else is at risk of falling apart.
Prioritizing technical SEO is paramount if you want to succeed both with search engines and your audience. It’s crucial to address technical aspects first when prioritizing your SEO efforts.

A website relies on a strong structure and that structure begins with technical SEO.

Technical SEO is the foundation of your website and without a solid foundation, everything will fall apart.

Technical SEO will help you be successful among the search engines as well as with your customers and readers. If your goal is to prioritize your SEO efforts, you must first tackle the technical parts first.

Why Annexal for Technical SEO Audits

It may take a while for search engine optimization (SEO) to realize gains or return on investments (ROI). For this reason, we have identified the quality and technical guidelines that can be used early in your SEO campaign to get the fastest results possible and in the shortest amount of time it takes to realize the full benefit of increased site traffic and top rankings.


Achieving noticeable gains or return on investment (ROI) from search engine optimization (SEO) often requires patience. That’s why we’ve outlined quality and technical guidelines that can be implemented early in your SEO campaign to expedite results. By starting with a strong foundation, addressing issues like keyword cannibalization and enhancing site quality, you may experience rapid improvements in search engine results page (SERP) rankings.
The sooner your site ranks well, the higher your client retention rates are likely to be.

The DFY Audit Takes 2 Hours To Check All 30 Points

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Have you had to spend hours analyzing URL protocols, response codes and keyword cannibalization?

Our SEO technicians excel in dedicating their time to this task! The complete 30-point technical SEO audit, along with detailed over-the-shoulder videos, is readily accessible for your review. Our entire process is characterized by transparency. You have the option to utilize this process yourself, as a VA training guide, or you can delegate the implementation guide and audit to your in-house team at Annexal. However you choose to manage the technical SEO audit fulfillment, it’s imperative not to overlook this critical aspect of a search campaign if your goal is to achieve top rankings for your sites.

Detailed Audit Summary and Action Items Plan Included
Our detailed audit summary and action items plan are designed to make the identification of technical optimization problems a hands-off process, which saves your business a significant amount of time and resources. You can either give the implementation plan to your team or for a low hourly technical SEO rate you can have us do the fixes for you.
Professional Audit Presentation
  • Written Audit Reports and Site Health Summary
  • Custom Macro Technical Audit Workbook
  • Interactive PRQG Workbook
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The Result of SERP improvement verifies the fact

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Putting up A Campaign Correctly Matters For Long Term Performance

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30 Point Audit

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