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We help your business reach out to people looking for the services that you offer on platforms like Google, Bing, and 100 such Pay Per Click platforms.

Pay per click service at Annexal

Annexal is a leading PPC company that is on a mission to make sure your paid search strategy gives back more than it takes. Each campaign we launch brings ROI you simply cannot find elsewhere. And, because we optimize every marketing campaign daily, we are always 2 steps ahead of the game.

Annexal is listed on the list of Top 100 Inbound Agency in India and Top 80 Conversion Optimzation service in India who has been serving several businesses for the past 4 years. We have completed 1000+ projects related to several businesses and made them a successful venture.

Check out our pay per click management pricing table below to see what’s included in each of our PPC service plans and to learn more about how paid ads can drive results for your business.

One PPC Account


For managing one Pay Per Click account which can be on any advertising platform like Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, etc.

Two PPC Accounts


For managing two Pay Per Click accounts which can be on any advertising platform like Google Adwords, Facebook/Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, etc.


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Do you have multiple accounts? Get in touch with us to get a custom quote.

In addition to our Pay-Per-Click management services, we also offer platform- or strategy-specific PPC services, like advertising on Facebook or targeting users with remarketing. Browse these services now, or contact us online to talk with an experienced strategist about these different options.

Reporting Dashboard

PPC Audit Services

Get a detailed PPC audit from our team of experts within 24 hours and know how to improve the performance of your business using Pay Per Click services.

transparent process

Remarketing Services

Retarget valuable shoppers and business buyers back on your website with our remarketing pay-per-click services.

transparent process

Geofencing Ads Services

Generate custom retargeting audiences using geofences for targeting competitor location, conferences and so on.

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Google Guaranteed Ads Services

Showcase your local business at the very top of Google search results. This assures visibility to anyone searching for a service like yours.

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Best PPC Platforms

You can promote your business not only using Google Adwords but at least 100 such leading Pay Per Click platforms like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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Display Network Services

Attract New Audiences using Display Network as it enables you to deliver a strong message about your business. Our pay-per-click team makes each ad unique and conversion-driven.

Our PPC Campaigns Include

  • Keywords in campaign
  • Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  • All leading PPC networks included
  • Call Tracking setup (track caller phone number, call, time, location, source)
  • Bing PPC Network
  • Results analysis/reporting
  • Text & Banner for Remarketing and Display ads
  • Strategic bid management
  • Youtube Video Ads
  • PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotagging)
  • Youtube Video Ads (Client need to provide video or purchase a Annexal web Video production package)
  • Campaign will be managed through client’s Google Ads account (client will retain Admin/owner access of all campaigns created)
  • Google In-Store Visit Reporting
  • Single account representative
  • Google customer match & audience match
  • Personal consultations per month
  • Gmail Competitor Ads
  • Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
  • Initial campaign development & strategy
  • Website conversion analysis reporting
  • Advanced Keyword research and selection
  • Website conversion analysis implementation
  • Industry analysis
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Google Shopping Management
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • No setup fees
  • Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
  • Progressive monthly management cost
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • Google Guaranteed Ads

Ads that Drive High-Quality Leads

Advertising through pay per click or PPC is one of the most effective ways to expand your reach, finding new customers, and growing your business. However, it’s quite easy to waste money with PPC, particularly when you don’t have a technique or don’t know how to optimize your bids. If you’re serious about adopting Pay Per Click as an advertising method, you’ll need to work with a PPC management company.

If you are already running a pay-per-click campaign, we can audit your campaign. Speak with one of our experts today on how you can increase your revenue or leads (often also while cutting costs.)

Annexal can deliver a custom PPC campaign to help you increase both conversions and revenue for your company with our PPC management services.

dfy audit

Why PPC Advertising Works

There are higher chances to reach your clients and prospects today than ever before. At the same time, there’s more competition. Results pages & social media platforms are immersed with content. The overload of data makes it tougher than ever to get your message in front of the people who matter most.

Pay Per Click advertising enables you to target your audiences (based on who they are, where they live, what their interests are, and more) and guarantee that your message hits its mark.

Our Marketing Keeps you Updated

We have heard the horror stories before – a pay-per-click company would take your cash, disappear for months at a time, solely to reappear with a brief summary of what he’s been doing while he’s been gone.

We believe you should understand what’s happening with your campaigns, at every step. Our customized Reporting Dashboards help keep you within the know, and our active project management team delivers reports often. Whether our campaigns are succeeding or faltering, you have a right to understand what’s happening, as well as what our team is doing to fulfill your goals and deliver the Return on Investment you expect.


Why Choose our PPC Company

Unlimited Flexibility with marketing campaigns

One of the primary reasons, our clients love PPC is the adaptability that accompanies its programs. Our pay-per-click team members are experts in their field. A couple of these customizations include-Campaign focused on particular geographic areas (from zip code to the capacity to make a custom radius); Extensive variety of advertisement types/platforms including pictures, video, content; display, search, social, and so forth; scheduling the advertising campaigns on particular days of week and times of day in order to gain maximum conversions; creative ads and ad extensions that attract users to navigate to your site.

dfy audit

Transparent and Measurable Results

See how your ads are performing with easy-to-track performance metrics. You not only have a team continuously optimizing your campaigns to ensure a positive Return on Investment but you can also see how your ads are performing anytime with an extremely easy Custom Reporting Dashboard!

Transparent Pricing

We only commit to working for a business if we are confident that our services are the right match for it and are extremely transparent with the pricing be it the ad spend or management fees.

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Extensive Keyword Research

One of the ways that Annexal can develop your Pay Per Click  strategy is by doing advanced keyword research and selection. We’ll ensure that we are targeting the right audience which will improve your conversion rates.

Creation of Effective Ad Copy

Writing smart copy for Pay Per Clicks ads is hard. We won’t waste your time and cash with forgettable Pay Per Click ads. At Annexal, we select our words carefully to create targeted ads with copies that will make the audience feel something.

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Landing Page Optimization

If you’re feeling like your landing page wants a much-needed update, Annexal will also be able to accommodate your needs. We do A/B testing for landing pages which is crucial if you want conversions. This is to see which version of your landing page brings better conversions.

Detailed Reporting

Annexal’s approach to PPC management is all about involving you. Most PPC platforms include comprehensive information tracking tools which will allow us to know how well your campaign is performing. You will be aware of everything this way and all your questions and queries will be addressed via virtual meetings or emails.

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