PPC Services in Chandigarh – Are you looking for the best PPC company in Chandigarh with a team of digital marketing professionals that offers the best Pay per click advertising Services. If yes then you’re in the right place. Annexal is a PPC company in Chandigarh that is recognized for providing the best PPC services. Pay-per-click ads (such as Google AdWords Services) are the best way to get your business site on top of Search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing). In case you wish to get instant business leads by PPC ads, you need a Google AdWords Specialist who’ll take care of your PPC advertising Campaign & generate business leads.

Chandigarh is known for its service industries of which there are various organizations that are providing services related to the academic field, travel, and tourism field, pharma field, tech support services, restaurants, hotels, and more. Now the question comes up that in the modern time of the internet how can one generate business online? In case you want to generate immediate leads for your business, you need to contact a PPC company that can run your paid ads on Google and its search partners. And if your business is located in Tricity then you have a plus point, you can visit us PPC agency anytime and discuss your business planning more deeply. It is helpful for both of them in order to strategize business more effectively.

Benefits of Pay per click Marketing For Businesses Located in Chandigarh

If PPC marketing provides a lot of benefits then you must be thinking that you can do it on your own. Definitely yes but when experience meets expertise then it yields you even better results. Hence the key benefits which you get with our PPC services are as described below:

  • Instant business reach to various online customers who are searching for your business services.
  • PPC advertising is known for generating sales instantly.
  • Google AdWords Advertisements also help in increasing the business ROI.
  • It can also assist you in increasing brand awareness instantly.
  • You can also target areas according to your business in order to get a lot more potential customers.

About Annexal-PPC Company in Chandigarh

Annexal is one of the best PPC advertising agencies in Tricity. We provide top-notch PPC services to customers in Chandigarh as well as worldwide. We tend to focus on managing PPC and digital advertising campaigns at a reasonable price. 

Our highly professional staff studies your ideal customers and market to position ads accordingly.

Why Choose Annexal for best PPC Services in Chandigarh?

Our Pay per click advertising company differs from other firms. We follow search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Bing) policies & algorithms so that your ads display on top of your target keywords & get maximum business leads on low CPC (Cost Per Click). We’re better than the others because of the following reasons:

  1. Best Competition and keywords Research.
  2. Pay per click ad Campaign Setup with minimum CPC & high 100% CTR (Click Through Rate).
  3. Time to Time campaign optimization & gain 10/10 quality score.
  4. Create UX and UI Landing page for Conversion
  5. Expert in generating user-friendly and unique Ad copies
  6. Follow the Google AdWords & Bing policies
  7. No accounts suspension
  8. Monthly and weekly basis progress report 

 Onboarding Approach to PPC Client

The onboarding process is a vital step in ensuring the success of a PPC engagement however it’s Google Ads or Facebook Ads. A successful engagement requires that the client’s targets met with the implementation of effective PPC campaigns and the right strategies. Throughout the onboarding phase, we use the following processes to complete a thorough process:

  1. Client introduction, access to accounts, & so on: This initial step includes our sales team introducing itself to the new client.
  2. Creation & delivery of customized onboarding questionnaire: The questionnaire includes questions regarding the client’s budget, targeting locations, etc. Each question is developed following a comprehensive overview of the client’s site and service or product offering.
  3. Internal review of questionnaire feedback: Once the client has provided answers to the onboarding questionnaire, our customer services and PPC teams meet to go through the client’s feedback. This allows our teams to digest and goes over the info together.
  4. Kick-off call with the client: Once our teams have thoroughly reviewed the client’s questionnaire feedback, we’re then ready to host the PPC kick-off call with the customer. In most cases, the kick-off call is conducted via conference call.
  5. Campaign launch: Once we gather all info from the client our technical PPC team works on the launch of the client’s campaign. After the campaigns are prepared for launch and every one of the necessary tracking tools will be in place (conversions tracking, etc.), call tracking, the campaigns are enabled and the client is notified. In the period shortly after the campaign launch, our PPC team is diligent to check in frequently with the client to report on the recently launched campaign’s initial performance and progress.

So in case, you expect your business or startup to get leads instantly contact us.