Common Mistakes about Facebook Advertising

December 22, 2017 Tanuja No comments exist

Facebook advertising is a good source for advertisers. There are 1.86 million daily active users globally and 92% of social marketers are using this platform and they are clearly getting the results on Facebook. These stats show that Facebook is important for the industry. If you are a digital marketer, you can’t ignore this platform.

Goal is not Clearly Defined

The goal is the very first step when creating a Facebook ad. It is important to identify what your main goal is. Do you want more fans or increase your brand awareness or to boost conversions for a particular product. Always remember once you set your objective and create your campaign you cannot change it.

Repeating your Ads for Everyone:

Most of the marketers make the mistake by targeting all the Facebook users with the same ads. It is better to target the audience who is not with your brand then to those who already added your product to their cart. People who have not any idea about your product will be more interested in it at all. Promote fascinating videos or free content about your brand.

You’re Trying to Reach Too Many People

Facebook has a feature to target the unique audience using a variety of demographic, behaviors or interests. For example, if you are selling the products of bridals, instead of targeting all the women’s of that area you can target women who got engaged within the last few months of that area. If you sell high-end products you can target the audience who are above a certain income level. This will make your product much more likely to convert and make your audience smaller.

Irrelevant or confusing Ad copy:

It is important to convey the information about your brand in the most concise and efficient manner in your ad copy. The content in the ad copy draws the customer’s attention, if it is not, it is completely useless. With this, you can explain your offers in-depth on the landing page. In ad copy headline you can express your most crucial piece of information.

You’re Using Too Much Text in Your Ad Image

Images play an important role in your ad. Images can make an impression on the customer before the headlines. People are more interested to see images than to read the content. Before selecting a picture to be sure to follow the Facebook’s policy for image text. Image content should be 20%.



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